Welcome To ATC

Our ideas can begin and take root in the garage, a shared workspace, or on a routine drive. As these ideas become reality a product emerges that has the chance to change the way others work, live, and play. Once its potential is discovered, the product is further developed and placed in the hands of the larger community. A team organizes around the once fledgling idea and an identity is formed. Quickly, we can become driven by the product and the marketing. Too often, we don’t adjust our people strategy to match our evolving business in order that the people who are making the difference can continue to help the company grow.

Associated Technologies Council is a non-profit association that serves all types of companies, from developing solo entrepreneur to larger, expanding businesses. Ensuring that the company can continue to focus on its core business, the association leverages its collective membership to provide large group benefits and services to smaller businesses. More importantly, we make sure you have a strategy for keeping and attracting the kinds of people needed to realize your goals no matter what your size.