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Access the tools and products that make running a business a little easier.

ATC members get access to an online portal full of applications and resources that will allow you to streamline your workflow

Human Resource Solutions and Handbook

A full suite of apps to help your HR team save hours of time – from the recruiting process, writing the employee handbook, to calculating proper compensation. You will also have an HR hotline to connect you with Human Resource specialists by phone or chat.

Compliance Apps and Notices

Our compliance applications offers access to attorney-backed resources, whether you need help with ACA, OSHA, federal posters, ERISA, or COBRA. The notices will help you stay on track to staying compliant with all of these regulations.

Employee Training

A library of employee training modules, including safety, onboarding, and state mandated training. You can track that your employees have finished the training and will have log for your records. No longer will you have to try to find and purchase your own training videos and quizzes.