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ATC Partner Heartland Payroll & HR

Did you know that 1 out of 3 businesses in the United States receive a penalty from the IRS or Oregon for not making payroll tax deposits on time or accurately?  Let Heartland take the guess work out of it, and give you peace of mind knowing that ALL federal and state payroll tax deposits and ALL federal and state payroll tax returns will be filed on time and accurately. This is the #1 reason why businesses all over the US continue to choose Heartland Payroll and HR for their payroll tax filings, but there is so much more….

On top of filing your payroll taxes, Heartland will streamline your payroll by providing Direct Deposit to employees, simplifying the Oregon Sick Leave Act, Garnishment Administration, Sick/Vacation Tracking, New Hire Reporting, Workforce Opportunity Tax Credits, FICA Tip Credits (restaurants), Workers Compensation Reporting, 401k reporting,  etc…. Heartland clients have just 2 responsibilities each pay period: report hours and have the funds in the business account to cover payroll, and we do the rest! If you happen to track time using a time clock or POS, all you have to do is make a few clicks and hours can be imported into the Heartland Online Payroll System….it can be that easy.

Payroll tax laws change each and every year with the IRS and State of Oregon. Between the two agencies, there are 4-5 changes each and every year that business owners have to stay on top of or they can be out of compliance in the blink of an eye. Here are just a few major changes that Heartland kept our clients aware of in the past year, and made sure they were in compliance: Oregon Sick Leave Act, Oregon Minimum Wage Changes, Washington Sick Leave Act, IRS Tax Table Changes.

When it comes to HR, business owners spend thousands of $$$ on payroll tax attorneys or even hire an employee in-house for $50k – $75k per year. Heartland will be a fraction of those costs, and can provide the following services: HR Team and Hotline, Handbook Creation or Review, HRIS (HR software), Policy Library, and much more…..

ATC has chosen to endorse Heartland as the preferred Payroll & HR provider to our clients. All ATC members will receive discounted prices for the Heartland services, a 3 year price guarantee, and all set up fees will be waived! Our clients will be working with Dan Ruhl, who has 25 years of experience in the payroll and HR world. If you have any questions about Heartland Services, feel free to contact Dan via email at, or by phone at 541.280.2231. Remember to let Dan know that you are an ATC member!
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