Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with passion.


Let’s make sure that the foundation of your company is a shared passion. Our people-first strategy helps create a culture where you can attract the best talent and your employees can thrive. What you choose for your employee’s benefits, the community, and how you work all goes into that foundation, and ATC helps you with all three.

Hire the person who personifies the position you want filled. Create a match between the person’s unique disposition, and the specific requirements and key accountabilities of the job. This is why we are happy to serve the tech community with our Job Benchmarking program.

A Job Benchmark is a profile for the ideal candidate. A good fit will lead to an employee feeling emotionally rewarded with the actual tasks they do, with a deep connection to the purpose of their role, and a sense of fulfillment in their career. Further, it can map out whether a candidate has developed themselves in the specific areas required to be successful in the position.

Hire the best fit. Start by gaining insight into the specific job positions in your organization, and clearly defining the key accountabilities. Then watch your turnover problems melt away as you are able to connect people with their dream jobs. When the right people are in the right place, they will thrive, and your business will prosper.

You have been thoughtful with your product, why wouldn’t you be intentional with your culture? ATC wants to ensure that your company is a place where every employee feels like they belong and looks forward to working.

Are you tired of turnover? With your ATC membership, can help you find the perfect fit. Contact us today to get started.