Small Business

Time to Play in the Big Leagues

Company Benefits Packages

The association leverages its collective membership to provide large group benefits and services to members of all sizes. Essentially acting together as a group of over 1000+, members will have access to lower costs and far more options than what are available in the small group marketplace. Not only can we provide the best price point, we can also provide the best team and technology thanks to our Strategic Partnership With Get-Benefits Inc.

Health Insurance

Group Medical Products have been around since World War Two. Many people have come to expect health insurance to be provided by their employer. Most small to medium size companies have struggled to afford those benefits, until now. With the Associated Technology Council, you get access to the best benefits available at a price point that was previously only available to large corporations.

Not only can we provide the best price point, we can also provide the best team and technology thanks to our Strategic Partnership With Get-Benefits Inc.

Dental Insurance

Group Dental is a fantastic benefit that is designed to make sure that your employees have access to the best dental care.

Dental benefits generally allow for some cost-free services, such as routine cleanings, and help with more significant services like crowns.

The rates are variable based on group demographics, which is why joining the Associated Technology Council can help lower your rates.

Vision Insurance

Annual eye exams are an important part of your employee’s overall health routine. Vision insurance is typically very affordable and some policies even reward those that don’t need corrective lenses by allowing them to get high-quality sunglasses with their benefit! Everyone wins!

Some people wait until they experience a negative symptom before going to see a doctor, but many eye problems are “silent” – meaning that they have no significant symptoms.

From contact lenses and glasses to discounted laser eye surgery, the Associated Technology Council brings an integral part of your employee benefits package to you with rates reserved for large companies.

Disability Insurance

As protection for you AND your employees, Disability insurance is designed to help your employees meet their financial obligations when they are sick, injured, or otherwise unable to work.

Call it “paycheck protection” or a way to protect their home since a mortgage payment is generally the most significant expense, either way it offers peace of mind to your employees and to you as a business owner.

Having an income is what makes all of our current lives possible, imagine the peace of mind that you offer when you have disability insurance as part of the benefits provided to you by the ATC.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a common and inexpensive way to give your employees peace of mind.

By leveraging the buying power of the association, employers can help provide financial protection for Employees and their loved ones in the event of an unexpected tragedy.